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The Circle : Movie Review (2017)

The Circle starring Emma Watson was entertaining to say the least. If you’re into technology and the idea of contemplating where we may go with it then I must admit this movie is for you.


Going into the movie I thought it would be a thriller of some sort, don’t ask me but that’s what I was going in with. The movie leaves you on a cliff hanger and I’m definitely hoping they do a squeal.  This movie seemed to touch the tip of the ice berg for me and that’s why I’m preying there’s a part two, it depicts life being “transparent” and how constant monitoring of our daily lives can help us.

A tragic scene occurs in this film and I can’t help but to think the writers could have chosen another way to go about it. I’m trying to leave you the reader spoil free so I’m going to end it here.

An entertaining watch but I just wished they went more in-depth with it all or perhaps come out with a part two to shut my mouth.