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13 Reasons Why: Show Review

The 13 Reasons Why Netflix show was hilariously depressing at moments. It had a different view point which was great but many of the scenes had golden written all over them. Like why did Clay’s head take a full season to heal?

You know when you’re eating a delicious steak and you have plenty of sauce on it? Yeah that’s about the equivalent to watching 13 Reasons Why.

They stretched out each episode as far as the eye can see. Now if you’re not planning or are currently watching the show don’t worry. No spoilers will be posted here. Each episode was almost an hour long and every character is great at hiding secrets for being High School kids.

Most criminals have a hard time keeping their story straight but for some reason these kids are ahead of the current. This show could have a lot more potential and yes, I’m sure other writers got their hands on it and edited it to pieces.

Overall I would give this series a go, it has an interesting message and contributes something new to the over so dull media society we have now come to know.